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Big Mike & The R&B Kings


Led by Chicago Bluesman Mike Perez. He brings an intense show with exciting up and down dynamics. Monster solos, and an amazing horn section. A voice and a natural showman. He will get you up and dancing all night long. 

Little Freddie King


If you want the real blues  baby, you'd better call Little Freddie King,  The minute Freddie straps on his guitar and strikes up his gnarled chord and drummer "Wacko" Wade makes his presence known with a definative cymbal crash, this lean, mean, swampy aggregation of gut-bucket wild men transforms the poshest of venues into a back-of-town beer joint.

Dick Deluxe


 I’m a American “songster” a throwback to an earlier era when musicians plying my craft weren’t limited by genre.  Ala one of my mentors and heroes Mance Lipscomb, I play a great variety of mostly American music.

Like Mance, I view the trade as a functional as well as artistic endeavor and I take great pride in entertaining my audiences with material that fits the needs of the moment,  

Sean Riley

Sean Riley: The Holy Water of NOLA

Sean Riley is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist living in New

Sean Riley: The Holy Water of NOLA

Sean Riley is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist living in New Orleans. Referencing roots Americana music as well as the Delta Blues, Riley’s music explores the history of Southern Blues with contemporary themes throughout.

Jeremy Joyce


Jeremy Joyce writes songs and performs them in New Orleans. His style can be described as upbeat, funky, nasty, romantic, bluesy, country, serious, and silly. Like a cook in the the kitchen, Joyce writes songs for a mood. Sometimes you're at a party feeling good with your friends. Sometimes you're down low and all alone. Jeremy Joyce writes songs for all these occasions.

30x90 Blues Women


30x90 Blues Women five piece band . Blues, Louisiana good time music, New Orleans R&B.

Vic Shepard

New Orleans guitarist/vocalist Vic Shepherd plays blues, jazz, vintage rock & roll, and popular trad

New Orleans guitarist/vocalist Vic Shepherd plays blues, jazz, vintage rock & roll, and popular traditional American Music is both solo & combo settings. 

Jeff Chaz Blues Band


Jeff's unique style of Blues incorporates the style of Memphis combined with the mixture of New Orleans rhythms. "It is Memphis barbecue meeting up with New Orleans gumbo," quips Chaz.

Lil Red and Big Bad


The music of Lil’ Red and Big Bad is unique to New Orleans, a mix of blues, R&B and rock’n roll delivered with a lot of soul. When you add the vocal energy and stage performance of Nancy “Lil’ Red” Gros, it’s no mistake that this band made it to Memphis for the 2011 International Blues Challenge, and opened the main stage for the 2012 French Quarter Festival in New Orleans.

Ghalia Volt


You can’t miss Ghalia Volt. She’s the natural-born rock star with the leather jacket and wicked grin, leaning from her album sleeve to offer you a hit on her hip flask. But the real Southern blend ain’t in the bottle, it’s on the songs. Following the New Orleans flavours of her 2017 breakthrough, Let The Demons Out, this year sees the acclaimed Brussels-born singer-songwriter dive deeper into the American South, recording in the hill country of Mississippi, where she shared her songs with a cast of esteemed local musicians and caught the flying sparks. This is Mississippi Blend: an album as fiery and throat-burning as Delta moonshine.

Blues Band


Your band could be here!!

Blues Band


Your band could be here!!

Danny Alexander Blues Band

Dana Abbott

Sierra Green and Her Soul Machine

Big Mike and the R&B Kings

Jeff Chaz

​Washboard Chaz Blues Band​

John Fohl​

Andy Forest​

​Smokey Greewnwell Blues Band​

Brent Johnson

Sam Joyner

Joe Krown

​​​Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys​​

John Mooney

​​Michael Pearce

Chris Polacek's Hubcap Kings

Lil Red and Big Bad Blues Band

​Mem Shannon Blues Band​

Johnny Sansone

Marc Stone

Guitar Slim Jr

Alabama Slim

Sunpie and the Louisiana Sunspots

Benny Turner

Walter "Wolfman Washington

Ed Wills and Blues4sale

Mark Penton and the Pentones

Willie Locket and The Blues Krewe

Andre Bouvier and the Royal Bohemians

Ron Hacker

Steve Migano

Stevie Deluxe Project

Doc Lovett and Louisiana Remedy

The Set-Up Kings

Lulu and the Broadsides

Paggy Prine and Southern Soul

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Domenic Fusca

Hubcap Kings

J.D Hill and the Jammers

Brent Johnson

Joe Krown

Lil Red and Big Bad Blues Band

John Mooney

​​Michael Pearce and Thomas Walker​

Guitar Slim Jr

Alabama Slim

Sean Riley (Old Riley and the Waters)

Sunpie and the Louisiana Sunspots

Steve Migano

Doc Lovett and Louisiana Remedy

Lulu and the Broadsides

19th Street Red (Randy Cohen)

Paggy Prine and Southern Soul

Tiffany Pollock

Keith Stone with Red Gravy

Tom Worrell

Vic Shepard

J and the Causeways

Shouter Blues

John Lisi and the Delta Rhythm

Kevin Gullage and the Blues Groovers

Chucky C

BB Kings All-Stars

J Monque”D Blues band

Jamie Lynn Vessels

The Dirty Rain Revelers

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